Management Programs

Professional Management Team

Critter Control of Westland has a staff that is professional, extensively trained, and experienced in wildlife control problems. You can trust that your technician will be knowledgeable on whatever wildlife control problem you may be dealing with in your business.

Wildlife Problems & Concerns

As a business, you don't need to face any wildlife control problems. When animals enter your place of business or create messes outside, the results can be alarming.

Rats and mice can create quite a commotion and cause numerous problems. These rodents will contaminate food and leave behind droppings, creating an unsafe work environment and a stinky mess. Get rid of the rats and mice from your business before customers see them or their mess!

Critter Control of Westland offers professional and efficient bird control services. Pigeons will cause erosion to occur on some building materials and ruin the structure of your business. Not only are birds destructive, but they are a huge nuisance as well!

In order for you to run a successful business, your premises needs to be energy efficient. When bats invade your attic, their droppings will weigh down insulation and cause it to be ineffective. If you believe you have a bat control problem, call Critter Control of Westland before the damages get out of hand.

Wildlife Management Solutions

Critter Control of Westland will manage and control your wildlife problem. Our professionals will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure customer satisfaction and knowledge. Our customer orientated attitude, experience and knowledge, and professional equipment will result in efficient, effective, and humane wildlife control services for you.

Commercial Wildlife Damage Prevention

Wildlife problems are much easier to prevent then to control. If you already have a wildlife control problem, your technician will implement prevention methods to ensure that you do not have a wildlife control problem in your business again. Keep your business, employees and customers safe from wildlife problems with Critter Control of Westland's solutions. Call us today at (734) 237-8692.