Wildlife Control Problems

When a wildlife animal invades your home and property, you need to call Critter Control of Westland. From mole destruction in the yard to bat infestation in the attic, we are ready to help whatever the problem is. Our team of experts have the skills to implement the correct methods removing the unwanted animals and preventing future invasion. Damages made by these critters will be repaired and prevention methods will be taken to keep them from returning.

Animal Control Services

Animal control services are important due to the diseases and parasites wild animals carry and the damages they can do. If not controlled, further problems like leaks, fires and foundation issues can occur. Each wildlife animal has their own damages and risks associated with them, and Critter Control of Westland technicians are fully experienced in identifying problem wildlife. Your technician will be able to remove the problem wildlife, repair the damages and take preventative measures to keep the wildlife animal out in the wild!

Typically, the first step in animal control is identifying the problem wildlife. Once identified, your technician will know how to trap and remove the animal(s) from your property in a safe and effective manner. Once removed, we assess the damages to your home and property and repair them. Our final step is to educate you on prevention methods needed to ensure further infestation from happening. Screens, chimney caps, caulking and other preventative measures will be implemented to keep the problem wildlife from entering your home and property.

The Solutions

No Domestic Animal Calls PleaseCritter Control of Westland offers proven wildlife control solutions that are safe and humane for both you and the wildlife animal. Your experienced technician will be able to identify the problem animal and create a unique solution for the specific wildlife causing your problems. Trust Critter Control of Westland to solve all of your wildlife problems!

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